Charlotte Evans

Borrowing from traditions of landscape painting and illustration, Charlotte Evans’ paintings weave together memory and myth to create worlds that are both familiar and strange, comforting and sinister. These worlds are not unlike those conjured in the moments right before sleep, when your mind wanders and drifts and colours become more vivid, sounds sharpen and smells sweeten, all combining in a flash of clarity before dissolving into sleep. This is very much how Evans approaches her paintings- setting out with only a whisper of intent, following indirect paths to a place of clarity. Making a number of paintings at once- resolutions for one painting might be found in another. Evans’ paintings- often decorative, sometimes surreal- end up staged versions of worlds in which she explores our relationship to our inheritance, our identity and our sense of belonging- to country, to landscape, and to ourselves.

CV (in PDF format)


kiss the joy that flies

solo show

May 13 - June 9 2023

Candida Stevens Gallery