Charlotte Evans

’Places recently visited, often unfamiliar, tend to be the catalyst for new work. Visiting with new eyes, great dollops of naivety, you see such wonderful things when it is all so new. We forget to look when we are at home.

Making a number of paintings at once- resolutions for one painting might be found in another- a thread of narrative emerges. Unlike photos, memories, like repeatedly retold tales, distort and become exaggerated over time. Colours become more vivid, sounds brighter, smells sweeter. Images and memories combine and new worlds emerge, finished paintings idealized versions of where I began.’

Charlotte Evans (b. 1981, UK) studied fine art at Byam Shaw at Central St. Martins, UAL in London. She now lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She has shown extensively in the UK and at international art fairs and more recently, in New York in both solo and group shows. Her work is held in public and private collections around the globe including that of the UBS bank and the Imperial College Healthcare Charity Art Collection in the UK.

Charlotte is on the advisory board of Brooklyn Wayfarers, studio program and gallery in Brooklyn, NY.

CV (in PDF format)


UnReal DiaTribe
Gallery Petite
Nov 11th-Dec 4th, 2016
114 Wilson Avenue
NY, 11237


Represented by:
Candida Stevens Fine Art